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Tips To Create Logo Design


A logo is a crucial identity of a business. Designing the logo of a company is a very tough and intimidating task as it requires lots of research and hard work. A logo can make or break a business as it is the face of the company which people come across before even knowing the company. It establishes a trust factor among people. If its design doesn’t’ go well with the company profile it may lead to many challenges for the business and can convey the wrong message about the company. To establish a great bond between its potential customers and the company a company spends a lot of money in creating a creative design which is the reflection of a company and its product and services. So here are some of the important tips to create logo design which is to be kept in mind before taking an important task of designing a logo.

1. Understand the Brand:

It becomes essential to know the brand for which you are designing a logo. The things which should be given priority before the commencement of the design is who is the target audience, what is the brand ideology, what is the futuristic approach of the company for which the logo is being designed and most important what vision the company held for itself. The nature of the business and the products and services it is offering and a brief history can also help a lot. Keeping in mind these things gives an initial insight while designing a logo.

2. It should reflect the nature of your business:

The logo should be the one which at one go reflects about the nature of your business so the colors and graphics used in the logo should be such that help in identifying the business products and services which will help in establishing an identity for itself in this competitive era. It should also be kept in mind the values it will reflect on the business.

3. Simplicity yet unique in nature:

While designing a logo it should be given special attention that the logo should be simple so that it can easily get into the minds of the people and they can remember it for a long time irrespective of the fact what shape and pattern is being used. A logo is a brand’s identity and we want that it should reach our target audience and so we should avoid complex designs. Simplicity if blended with a unique design wins half of the battle. A unique concept is a must for establishing a separate identity in the market as it is the logo which will make your brand unique.

4. Colors should be used strategically:

Colors play a vital role in identifying the brand’s nature and spreading the message about the brand. If we take some example Coca Cola uses red color for its logo and red is a color of energy, passion, and aggressiveness which means it caters to the young customers who have these attributes. Every color gives out some message. Bright colors grab attention but every color has a different implication and a wrong choice of color can give out the wrong message about the company. There are some of the colors and their attributes are given below:

· Red: energetic, sexy, bold
· Orange: creative, friendly, youthful
· Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism
· Green: growth, organic, instructional
· Blue: professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy
· Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative
· Black: credible and powerful
· White: simple, clean, pure
· Pink: fun and flirty
· Brown: rural, historical, steady

5. It should be dynamic and Flexible:

In this advanced era of digitization, it becomes essential that the logo should be flexible so that it can meet the demands of the time and if needed it can be revamped according to the existing scenario. The logo should be such that it can be used on multiple devices and work equally well for print as well whether it’s visiting cards, letterheads, banners, websites or apps.

6. Pick fonts carefully:

Picking up the right font is also considered to be an important part of logo designing as it again represents the brand identity. The right font delivers the right message to its potential customers for example if a logo is being designed for a brand for children it is generally preferred to be handwritten as it is for the children. In this way keeping in mind, the target audience the font should be chosen. A wrong choice of font can convey the wrong message to potential customers.

7. Analyze your competitors:

In this era of cut-throat competition analyzing the competitors is very important. By analyzing them we can avoid being on common parameters with them in terms of color, font or size of the logo. Studying the market well is very important before designing the logo. After spending a lot of time and money in designing a logo it should be such to give a threat to the competitors and reflects your brand image well.

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