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Political Party


Political Party is a group of people with common thoughts and views. These come together infront of the contest of election to hold the power of the government. These people come with the new policies , ideas and other programmes by collecting a good response from the common people .


These are the services of PP

  • They perform many important task in the government
  • They bring the people together to achieve the goal of government
  • They develops their parties policies for the people
  • They shape up the ideas of public
  • They offers so many government machinery and welfare scheme


These are the benefits of PP

  • They encourage the people to come infront and join the party
  • They support the people to distribute their ideas infront of them
  • They attract that people those have same ideas and beliefs
  • When the people come together from another parties they can do debates also
  • They try fulfill the all demands and necessary stuff for their people those chose them