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Application Testing

Application testing is the testing of the software. It tests the functionality, usability, and consistency of the entire application. There are two parts of application testing that is mobile app testing and web application testing.

Its main motive is to find errors in the software so that it can be rectified before coming to the market. It tests the entire application through automation testing without leaving space for any mistake.

Automation testing is a kind of manual testing done by a person. The person carefully executes the steps by sitting in front of a computer by using an automation testing tool. No human can intervene after the automation of the tests.

Furthermore, application testing includes web, desktop, and mobile app testing. It helps in enhancing the quality of the application. It also reduces the cost leading to maximum ROI thus, saving a lot of time in development of the software.

There are various phases through which the testing goes. It includes analyzing the requirement, planning the test, test analysis, designing and execution of the test and finally reporting of the bug.

Above all, our aim at Brinnam is to provide the best quality, bug-free application in the given time frame. The main attraction of automation testing is our price point as we provide our services at a very minimal price.

 We are proficient in functional testing, load testing, performance testing, security testing, white box testing, black box testing, regression testing, and database testing.

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