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Application Development

In this technically advanced world everyone wants to finish their work with a click. As a result to it App development has emerged as an important ingredient in the digital world. Brinnam is a mobile app development company which looks after all the details while designing the app so that the apps stand out in this competitive era.

Mobile app development also includes Android app development and IOS app development. It has the utmost relevance in today’s time. Most of the population can easily access their mobile as it is easy to handle. Apps also act as a medium between a business and its customers. It has become a  requisite tool for building customer relationships.

In today’s time technology is moving faster than ever. As a result to it the mobile app development companies require programmers with good experience. To keep up with the business demands  there is a rat race going among the companies develop .Android or IOS application.

Brinnam, a known mobile application development company creates user friendly apps after looking into the needs and requirements of the business. Apart from this it also indulge in the smallest detailing. Right from its usability, functionality to its visualization it looks after everything. Developing designs that exceeds the client’s expectations and help them in achieving their marketing goal is our ultimate aim.

App Redesign

App redesign has become the demand of the hour looking at the current wave of mindset. A UI design which is in use today may not be acceptable four years from now in terms of technology, functionality and screen size because ‘Change is the only constant’. What is liked today may be considered irrelevant tomorrow to adapt to the need of the time?

While taking up such an important task there are certain things which Brinnam takes in the account and the most important of it the purpose of redesigning. Will the redesigning increase the overall user experience, or increase the usage or optimize the conversion as it is a very time taking process so should not be done for trivial reasons.

We keep in mind the expectation of the customers for whom the app is redesigned as to how will they react to the new design. They may like it or may not approve of it. So before doing it a lot of time is spent in research and analysis of it by reviewing the competitors’ apps and reading customer reviews as to what they think of the existing app and what their expectations are.

The most important phase of it is that we monitor the response of the user upon its launch and gauging the response will help in unlocking new opportunities to make improvements in the app if required.

App Maintenance

App maintenance is a very crucial part of apps. It’s the same as grooming yourself from time to time or else you will lose your charm. In the same manner, after the app is launched the focus shifts from developing to maintaining the app as it will become obsolete if not met with the latest trends in technology.

Our maintenance services are based on a comprehensive design which will provide superior user experience and meeting our customer’s expectation.

Some of the important task taken up while maintaining the apps includes reviewing the application online at the small interval to keep pace with the latest trends and incorporating them in our apps when needed. Testing the apps and fixing bugs from time to time. Improve user interface and experience and enhancing its usability. Monitoring the application from time to time and upgrading its features. Taking the application to different platforms and answering all the queries and maintaining the securing of the apps.

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