Mechatronics is a branch of engineering which constitutes of both electrical and mechanical engineering and also includes a combination of electronics, robotics, telecommunication, computer, system and product engineering.

It is used in Telecommunication and Data communication networks, power devices, heavy engineering and manufacturing systems, energy devices, consumer products, computer-aided design, biomedical system and many more which needs the collaboration of all these branches. Mechatronics is a field that synergizes the diverse areas for designing and field testing new and more efficient machine solutions.

It also helps in the smooth working of production and manufacturing. The field has grown over the years into an integral part of the manufacturing industry with recent innovations like responsive AI and improved UX design. The main work in the field of Mechatronics include checking designs for robotic solutions, installation of new systems, finding solutions for malfunctioning electronics, and maintaining equipment vital to mechanical production.

Brinnam thrives to benefit the industry through mechatronics and work diligently in line to provide what their clients demand which in turn leads to lower cost and better functions, simplified wiring, taking less space, reduce troubleshooting, automate adjustments, prevent maintenance and increase output.