To put in simple words cloud computing is the using the server from a remote area rather than using a local server for storing, managing and processing the data of the organization. It means that the computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more are delivered over the internet.

Where the organizations need to pay only for the use of cloud services which in turn reduces the cost of operation and assist in running the infrastructure more efficiently. Brinnam is efficiently using the platform to provide IT solutions to its clients which benefit them in saving the cost as the ROI in the case of cloud computing is higher.

It helps in securing the data as the cloud host’s job is to carefully monitor security, the cloud offers more flexibility in overall business, there is also a lot of mobility as it is conveniently accessible to sales staff who travel or freelance employees, it gives an insight into the data through cloud analytics, prevents losses, automate software updates, offers sustainability and many more.