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Brinnam esteem our customers, understand their business and are committed to bringing success to their business. We are an established IT company with 15 years of aspiring experience in Digital Marketing, ERP, CRM, HRM, and AMC solutions.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Delivering of computer-related services over the internet is referred to as cloud computing, a simple example of which is Gmail. We can access our emails over any device that supports internet just by logging in to our account, in simple words, the data in our emails is stored in the ‘cloud’ which essentially means ‘internet’ and can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. This concept is termed as ‘cloud computing’. BRINNAM provides you with this ‘space’ in the cloud we call internet to put up your website so that it is easily accessible by everyone with access to the internet!


  • We help you keep your data stored at one place in the cloud, making an attractive option, for technical or non-technical businesses.
  • We ensure that the file storage system is updated and maintained regularly according to your requirements.
  • A complete safety and security of your data is our focus and responsibility.
  • Our cloud storage provides the ease of use.<//li>
  • Saving and accessing the file from anywhere at any time with an internet connection is one of the greatest rewards of any business.



  • 24×7 availability
  • Work from anywhere anytime across the world, with just an internet connection.
  • Automated update on software used to save lots of time and is more safe and secure.
  • Data stored is safe and can be restored anytime.
  • Enhance the collaboration by allowing the group of people to meet virtually and share data.
  • Control over quality and quantity.
  • Simplified and enhanced IT Maintenance, management, and delivery.