What are the Benefits of Choosing Brinnam Customized ERP Software?

Customization is one of the most divisive topic while choosing the right ERP software.  Mostly Many  clients has confused of customization during their software selection process.  However, as project teams get into the details of the software during the implementation cycle, requests to make one or more customization to the software are predictable.

Below are some concerns for customization…

  • First, it increases the complexity and risk of an implementation, while at the same time making it potentially more difficult to upgrade software in the future.
  • Second, it in some ways undermines the best practices built into the software, which software vendors often spend significant R&D developing.
  • Thirdly, customization is often a sign of bigger troubles, including a solution’s mismatch with a company’s requirements or a lack of project controls during implementation.

customized ERP

So what to do in this case?  Don’t Worry ! Here are Some tips by Brinnam that will help you to  manage customization of ERP software implementations.

Understand the difference between software customization and Standard ERP package:—

Standard ERP is the normal set-up of the software, such as parameters, fields, and workflows. These changes are a normal part of any implementation and do not require changes to the source code. On the other hand, customization requires changes to the source code and also requires a higher level of technical cleverness.  Frequently, business requirements and objectives can be met using standard and set-up instead of customization

Make Sure your Business Requirements:—

One of the key drivers of customization is be short of direction concerning business requirements. If business requirements are not well-defined, it is more likely that a project team will not accurate for the software to meet requirements as they are defined.  In adding, obviously defined business requirements will ensure you choose the right enterprise solution during your ERP selection process.

Create Accurate ERP Project Modules :—

Without strong project controls and project authority, a project team is more likely to customize every item on the users desire list without prioritizing, rationalizing, or identifying possible solutions within the core functionality of the software.  The executive navigation group and project manager need to visibly define criteria for potential customizations, including conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the customization to ensure that you are only customizing where is provides the company with a unique competitive advantage and where there is so feasible workaround within the system.



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