Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which aims at the designing of intelligent machines that work like humans. It has the ability of a robot or a digital computer to execute tasks associated with intelligent beings. It is applied to the projects of developing systems which require intellectual processes and human characteristics, which includes reasoning, identifying meaning, generalizing and learning from the experiences of the past, recognition of speech, planning, and problem-solving.

With the use of artificial intelligence the prospects of making errors become negligible as the decisions are taken keeping in mind the information gathered in the past where there is no interference of humans leading to more accuracy in the process with higher precision.

The decisions are also taken faster as no emotions are involved hence the decisions are not biased. Due to AI, daily applications have also become easy by just using our voice and giving commands. Digital assistant is also provided on many websites with the use of AI in the form of chat bots. The best part to use Ai is that no breaks are needed as a machine can work 24/7, unlike humans.