About Us

The Journey of Brinnam starts after an idea ignites into founder members of Brinnam. So far Brinnam has delivered their solution to so many happy customers. Brinnam Actively takes part in all sectors of business. From direct customers to business and government projects to overseas business, Brinnam have the strong presence everywhere.

Brinnam works on the “you define we refine” policy. You bring your idea and we Brinnam make its existence. Brinnam also gives entrepreneurship opportunity to all the people who want to be thie own boss by collaborating them with Brinnam through channel partner.So start your business journey with Brinnam ERP to give your business their own brain and add value to your business. “You stop working and get your Brinnam ERP work for you”



We Brinnam are so possessive into building a good relationship with our customer by providing them better solution and quality service. In future also we Brinnam have the challenge to maintain a good and healthy association with our existing customer as well as all the future collaborated customer.



Through Brinnam ERP we will make a complete solution of AI & Mechatronics to work. Your Brinnam ERP as your Brinnam brain. Getting a solution never been so easy before Brinnam ERP. Through your machine brain, you can add value to your business and take your business to a zenith of success.